About Me

My name is Syeda H. Naqvi. I am currently working in Hartford Public Schools as a paraprofessional.

I have Master’s degree in Economics from Karachi University, Pakistan, which is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the USA. I did my first teaching certificate from Pakistan. I have Social Studies/History 7-12 teaching certificate, adult education certificate, and TESOL teaching certificate from State of Education. Right now, I am a Participant of TESOL degree program in Post University.

I was a high school teacher in Pakistan. I worked in different school district as a substitute teacher.

I love reading, music, cooking, and painting. I have two grown up children, one daughter and a son.

Digital Citizenship Statement

“As a member of digital devices I, Syeda H. Naqvi, will respect other members’ of the digital world’s privacy and their rights. I will not post or use any other person’s work without one’s permission. I will try to contribute to the digital world in a positive way such as teaching, learning and helping the new digital citizens to be more responsible and positive citizens of this world. I will create, collaborate and cooperate with other digital citizens to build a better digital world for our next generations.”

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